Havasupai, Arizona Engagement

I ran a little contest in early August and Crystal & Andy were the lucky winners! We hiked down with a group of about 10 people, and spent 3 nights and 4 days down there. On the second morning, the day after we hiked in, we did the engagement session. Sunrise is a great time to shoot at Havasu falls because not a lot of people are up during this time. The light comes up right over the canyon and falls on the cliffs above Havasu. It slowly starts to light up the water and the falls, but the soft light in the morning really helps to bring out the blue in the water. When I edit I am really trying to go back to what it felt like to be there in that moment. When I am in a landscape, light and color are two things that always stick out to me, and so when I am editing that is what I am wanting to bring out in my work. The other days of the trip were spent at Secret Falls, Upper Navajo, Lower Navajo, 50 Foot Falls, Mooney, and Beaver! Every falls has its own individual beauty, and the trip overall was probably my best trip since 2013!