As a Phoenix based wedding photographer my summer months are slow. This year I have launched Destination Wedding packages to Hawaii. Being featured as a Honolulu Destination Wedding Photographer on WeddingWire is the first step to getting to Hawaii. The next step is booking weddings, hopefully yours! 

You might ask, why Hawaii? It is simple, my family is from Hawaii; my grandma is born and raised on Oahu, and my grandpa was in the military, which is where he met my grandma. My mom and her three brothers all spent their childhoods on Oahu, and much of our family still live on the island, so it is easy for me to travel there. When I was in my junior year of college, my summer brought me to Oahu for 5 weeks. I had been a number of times before for family trips and reunions, but never on my own agenda. Little to say I had the best summer of my life, and have been itching to get back ever since. Enter Destination Wedding Photography in Hawaii! 

I don't have Hawaii weddings to show you, I don't even have any weddings on the beach to show you. My wedding work has mostly encompassed Arizona, and the Pacific Northwest. What I do have is years of experience, university training, and an intrinsic want to create and capture beautiful photos of love on the Islands. That's where you come in. 

If you are having a fun, decorative wedding on the Islands, I want to work with you. With my artistic natural light, documentary style and the amazing landscape that is Hawaii, we are sure to create beautiful photos and memories. 

Weddings are an extension of your personality; it's a party with friends and family, an engagement of love and laughter, and without a doubt a very special time for you and your significant other. My wedding packages are designed to tell your beautiful story. If you have a wedding that would fit my style, please contact me below. Don't worry about travel; I will take care of that. 

The photos on this page are all taken by me from my trip to Oahu almost 4 years ago!