Havasupai Adventure Elopement, Amanda & Johnny

Last week I had the amazing opportunity to photograph a special adventure elopement down in Havasupai. I have been down to Havasupai two times before, and taken many photos there but never photographed any kind of wedding or elopement. Havasupai is a very magical place, and as an Arizona Wedding Photographer I can’t think of any better place to have an adventure elopement. October is a beautiful time down there. The weather is nice, water is fairly warm, insects are gone, and there is no risk of monsoons which means we were all able to hike down to the Colorado River. Anyways, these two are amazing, their family and friends that joined them are also amazing. I had so much fun hiking, camping, swimming, hiking some more, and having an amazing wedding below Havasu falls with each and every one of them!